Broadband Communication

Amphenol is a world leader in broadband cable television communication products with industry-leading engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise. Amphenol offers a broad range of coaxial cable products to service the growing broadband market, from customer premises cables and interconnect devices to distribution cable and fiber optic components. Amphenol also has diverse interconnect products deployed on a wide range of broadband equipment from sophisticated head-end equipment to digital set-top boxes, high-speed cable modems, and DBS interface devices. Amphenol leads the way in broadband communications.


From the central office through to the set-top box, Amphenol’s high performance cable and interconnect products are a key enabler of high-definition video, high-speed internet and cable-based telephony. Our products enable our customers to deliver sharp video, clear voice, and the highest bandwidth internet connection to homes around the world.