Information Technology and Data Communication

Amphenol is a global provider of interconnect solutions to designers and manufacturers of Internet-enabling systems. Amphenol’s range of offerings in backplane interconnect systems, cable assembly, connector products, and electrical and optical cable span applications in servers, storage systems, optical and copper networking equipment, modems, hubs, routers, switches, media display systems, and internet appliances. With our design creativity, simulation and testing capability, and cost effectiveness, Amphenol leads the way in interconnect development for internet equipment, infrastructure, enterprise networks, and appliances. Whether industry standard or application-specific designs are required, Amphenol provides customers with products that enable performance at the leading edge of next-generation, high-speed technology.


The new mobile internet revolution is creating once unimaginable challenges for operators and equipment makers of the underlying data and telecommunications networks. Amphenol is helping to drive the solution to these problems, with our industry-leading high-speed / high-bandwidth interconnect products. Our 25 Gb/s XCede connector family was the first backplane connector to enable these new levels of speed, and our engineers are developing new solutions every day to further enable this data revolution.